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5 Things Every Marketer Should Do with Custom Bookmarks

Giving away gifts is a cool way to grab the attention of users to your brand. Though there are other ways to let people know about your brand, by gifting them in various occasions you are making them pleased and establishing a stronger bond with them. Kids are more likely to love your brand when you are making amazing products your promotional gifts. Custom bookmarks are one among those promo items which can enrich your brand’s connection with the little users. As in the case of other promo items for kids, there are special features and characteristics for these bookmarks too. In order to utilize them completely you need to establish clever marketing strategies.

Personalized Bookmarks - Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol Aren't for Me!

Moreover, it’s your attitude or approach towards these promotional gifts that determine what kind of a return on investment will be achieved. There is no gain without pain, so use all your knowledge and experience in promotions to utilize these custom products to the maximum. We would like to recommend few things you shall execute to make your promotions better in all means. Checkout the following instructions which we believe every marketer should do using custom bookmarks, for guaranteed return on investment.

Introduce kids a new way to remember the pages

Every parent will recommend their kids to develop a good reading habit right from the school times. It has lot of benefits, both in personal and social life. They will be getting started with smaller books but still not all of them will be completing their reading in one stretch and thus they will find these custom bookmarks useful at times. Let them mark the pages using your brand’s promotional gift and make their reading habit more fruitful and easy to manage.

Make them your brand’s friend

Kids easily start adoring your brand once they see that the promo gifts you have presented them are of great value. Pick the kind of promotional bookmarks according to the type of services and products you are delivering. Colorful and smart designs allow these promo items to easily grab attention from the little ones. Kids might be reading books occasionally but they always know that these bookmarks are there to save the page where they stopped pastime.

Share meaningful messages and lessons

Our promo items are not just products that help the kids to do a certain task easily or entertain them; we have also tried our best to share more value. In the case of custom bookmarks for kids, we have included various messages and advices to make them aware about various topics. Customized all about bicycle safety – bookmarks is a good example you will find. The product gives safety instructions for kids while handling bicycles. Other bookmarks product options such as Personalized Bookmarks – Drugs, Smoking, and Alcohol Aren’t for Me! and Promotional Logo Bookmarks – Internet Safety Guide are good examples. An advantage with these promo items is that they will even help to create a good impression in front of the adults too.

Be choosy for a good reason

You could use these bookmarks in different times of the year. Though these custom bookmarks will stay with the kids for a long time, it will be an intelligent technique to giveaway these promotional materials with each purchase. In case if you are promoting a book stall or a library, giving away these bookmarks with each purchase will make sure your brand presence in each of those books. Moreover, these promo gifts can be used only with one book at a time.

National Reading day and World Book day are some of those occasions that are ideal for promotions using these bookmarks. There are also other observances and events that are held to motivate the reading habits and abilities of children. Find them and utilize the occasion for best results.

Reward the kids

You can also make the kids happy by giving away more cool products along with these promotions. Some suitable suggestions are custom highlighters, custom pens & pencils and also custom notebooks. Make your promotions more meaningful and efficient with the above techniques. All products listed in our site are CPSIA compliant. Pick the right one for your brand and have a good promotion.

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