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Boost ROI with 5 Evergreen Promo Gifts

How many of you have the habit of observing the way kids are reacting to the promo gifts and learn their preferences and choices? After analyzing the pattern in which people are exploiting these promo gifts for kids we came to a conclusion that more brands are now approaching this method seriously. There is no doubt that previous promotional events and activities will teach you a lot of things that can be used intelligently for the betterment of your promotions. Being a favorite product of the kids, custom crayons are considered as one of those promo gifts which can guarantee you great results.

We would like to suggest you some promotional gifts to try in your next promotional campaign if custom crayons did well in your last one. All of these promo gifts are chose according to the likes and interests of the kids who loved crayons. The intention is to stimulate the interests and passions of those kids to achieve better results next time. Consider the following promotional products to keep your winning streak of promotional campaigns going.

Coloring Books

You should have already guessed custom coloring books in the list, right when you read the title. Custom coloring books and crayons are so much connected and there is no doubt that kids love these promo items for sure. If they appreciated crayons, they will thank you for these coloring books too. With these promotional products it is now time for them to feel complete. Give the kids a platform to unleash their drawing needs. You will get 2 types of coloring books in our store. First one is custom crayon coloring book and the second one is custom watercolor paint coloring book.

Custom Your Friend the Sheriff Coloring Book

Custom Chalks

What made the kids love crayons? It might be the color, love for drawing and also the excitement they present to them. Custom chalks are coming with all these features too. They are unique, still as attractive as custom crayons. The main difference is crayons works well in paper whereas chalks are used in boards, walls or other hard platforms. The options available in this section are custom giant chalk and custom jumbo chalk.

Customized 2 Pack Jumbo Chalk

Custom Highlighters

Custom highlighters are the next level of drawing the sketching after the crayons and chalks. If you were executing crayons and chalks for some time now, then it’s time for the highlighters to step in. Distribute it in promotional events and activities and let the kids start more important things with your promo gifts, thus creating a more matured brand image for your brand. It can also give a message to the users that your brand is also growing along with them. Even adults will love to use these highlighters occasionally, thus presenting more exposure to your brand.

5.5 Inch Custom Imprinted Syringe Pen and Highlighters

Custom Notebooks

Personalized notebooks will allow the kid to note down lots of stuffs in one place. It could be class notes, poems, to do lists or even doodles. Let their most private property be a gift from your brand. Make these promo gifts adorable by picking the best options from our big list of custom notebooks for kids. From eco-friendly options to feature-packed ones, you will get to choose from some interesting options.

Promotional Mini Spiral Notebooks

Custom Pencils & Pens

Pencils and pens are a very common products kids use in their schools and at homes. By giving away these promo items as gifts, you are booking a billboard space in the most common products they are using daily. This will easily increases your brand’s popularity and thus generate more sales and enquiries. Check out all products in our online store and discover amazing products to power up your promotional campaigns to higher levels.

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