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Draw The Undivided Attention Of Your Audience With Custom Kid-Friendly Giveaways

Kids make the most powerful customers as they can influence the shopping decisions of the whole families. It also means that by handing out kids promotional handouts your brand will get the attention of not just the kids but the elder members of the family as well.


The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking about kids will be crayons. The little ones love to dabble with colors, draw, doodle and have fun with these fun and color filled crayons. It makes a great way to keep the kids occupied while families dine out at restaurants or go to the dentist’s office or shopping mall. These can be customized with your brand, message and artwork to grab the eyeballs of not just your little customers but also anyone who sees it. Crayons enjoy a high retention because kids will love to use it till they last, share with friends and keep it safe.


Frisbees is another interesting item as kids would love to toss and flip it around and enjoy the fun and frenzy that it offers. The huge imprint area will keep your brand and message well displayed in front of your audience and everytime the kids play with it at the beach or garden, everyone around will surely take a closer look. The best part is that even the cute Fido in the family will love to be part of the Frisbee fun. Blue flex flyers made of thermo plastic rubber will be a great choice as it looks good and flies well.

Logo Imprinted Blue Flex Flyers


Balloons are great for any company or event as they can grab easy attention of kids.  Offered in a range of brilliant colors balloons will keep your message and brand well displayed out in the open and most importantly will come home with the kids. Balloons make a great toy and décor item all at once and it is fun to see them bobbing around for a fairly long time till the kids decide it is time to pop it!

Plush animals

Plush animals: The best friends of any kid, plush toys are cute companions that kids will love to be in company with. These cuddly and fuzzy teddy bears, some of them in T shirts will make a great interactive toy for kids in growing ages.

Personalized Wild Bunch Beaver with Key Tags

Beach set toys

Beach Set Toys:  Sand pails, spades and shovels will make great giveaways for kids during summer promotions. Customize these brightly colored toys with your brand and message to add a personal touch to these custom handouts that kids will simply love.

Promotional Logo Creative Beach Set Toys

Which of these kids’ promotional items are you planning to use for your promotions. Share your thoughts at the comments section below.

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