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Marketing Your Brand To Children: Custom Gift ideas To Tug Those Little Hearts!

Let’s be frank about it! To reach out to kids, your brand must also reach the parents. So, how do you market your brand to the kids and the family audience alike and leave a lasting impression? In a business world dominated by sales dynamics, marketing equations and consumer logic, how to get back to the basics of pleasing a child?  It is not always easy to make the little ones smile. Hard-to- please and harder to impress, kids make a unique niche of customers that demand bespoke custom gifts and promotional ideas.

Kids have a very short attention span and will easily lose interest in things easily. So, the main challenge of marketers would be to come up with some tricks, gifts and gimmicks that will really sweep these little humans off their feet! Here are some kids promotional items that will develop a positive opinion about your brand in kids and kids at heart alike. Check it out right away!

Coloring books

Kids simply love coloring books so do adults. These are budget-friendly, easy to customize and distribute and hold more promotional potential that you might have thought. Offered in various themes like road safety, healthcare or financial tips, these coloring books will enable kids to pick up some essential information and life skills from a very early age. The little ones will truly love the story telling format that is adopted in these books for sure. Custom coloring books will not only gives the child a reason to smile but will enhance their hand and eye coordination and cognitive skills all the while giving your brand more exposure. You can dude it up with custom crayons to make it a value added gift that your little patrons will find truly irresistible. Ready to hand out coloring books to your little customers? Get started with us.

Custom Printed Coloring Books - Visit the Aquarium with Samantha the Sea Otter


Bookmarks make great freebies. Colorful and eye pleasing, bookmarks look cool and can be used immediately. Imprint custom bookmarks with your brand and message to remind your little customers about your brand and product line. Bookmarks are available in various useful themes like road safety, fire hazards, bicycle safety and a lot more, which the kids will find useful in their lives. Every time they open their books, your message will be gently reinforced in their impressionable minds and their parents will surely appreciate this.

2.5 x 8.5 Promotional Laminated Bookmarks

Bookmarks enjoy undivided attention and a lot of facetime and these can be customized to instill important message and life skills in kids while your brand on it will also get a lot of attention. While designing your bookmarks, keep the tastes of kids in mind. Use bright colors, cartoon graphics and simple words or mascots to convey your message easily.


There’s no getting around it—Every kid will love to feel appreciated. Imagine the surprise on a child’s face when they get these interesting brain teasers as freebies. Kids will love to solve custom puzzles and spend their leisure hours creatively in the company of their friends. Puzzles can boost skills and logical thinking and will help kids to stay focused. If the child is particularly impressed about these imprinted toys, they will surely ask their parents to shop for your branded products. Custom puzzles are a great chance to make the child smile. These make ideal handouts for holiday season promotions, milestone celebrations or back to school events.

Promotional Logo Polyurethane Puzzle Pieces

These are only some of the many custom gifts that will bring a smile to the faces of even the most discerning kids and will make them sit back and take note of your brand.  We have a complete line of kids’ promotional items in all possible price points. Shop right away.

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