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Quick Guide: 5 Ways to Exploit Custom Kids Shape & Selection Banks

It is not hard to make a good impression when you have amazing products to promote your brand. We are specialized in providing promotional items for kids, which allows businesses to create fantastic brand images that increase sales as well as brand reputations. Here we would like to introduce you to a brilliant promotional gift which can do exceptionally well in making your brand popular among your target customers. The biggest advantage with the custom shape & selection banks for kids is that, these customized products can be used for brands which are focusing the adults too. Parents are very careful in choosing the products for their kids these days. By presenting a brilliant promotional item that is of great value to the kid, you can grab a unique imprint space that has a good exposure in front of the adults.

These custom shape banks are available in a variety of shapes. Each shape has their own characteristics and thus choosing the shape of these personalized products is very crucial in winning the first stage. Second stage is presenting the promotional item to the kids. Get the first part done and the second part will be easier. Here we are presenting you top 5 brilliant shape banks and how to make the most of them.

Car banks

Car dealers, service centers and car rentals can make the most of these car banks for displaying their brand name and logo in front of their potential customers daily. It will be a fantastic idea to gift these custom products to your customer’s kid, thus achieving the desired promotional result. Kids will love these products as they look more like a toy car. As these products can also be used as a piggy bank, parents will appreciate your effort too. Automobile trade expos and tradeshows are also ideal occasions to handover these car shaped banks for kids.

Customized Blue Car Bank

Cell phone holder banks

Truly an innovative promotional gift for anyone who is using a Smartphone! Distribute these custom cell phone holder banks to kids who are visiting tradeshows and malls with their parents. It will be hard to find someone not using a phone these days and thus you don’t need to be much selective when distributing these promo items. Adults will see a good phone holder whereas kids can make use of these products to keep their little savings safe and organized.

Customized Cell Phone Holder Bank - Red

Star banks

A cool promo gift for the Christmas season! These custom printed products can be used for promoting an array of businesses. May it be a school, bank, insurance company or even a toy store, their star shape makes them unique and attractive to kids. Another idea is to make these star shaped bank products complimentary gifts of promotional events or games.

Customized Star Bank - Yellow

Truck Banks

Kids have a special love for cars and trucks. These custom truck shaped banks gives you the opportunity to exploit that love in favor of your brand. Moving companies and courier companies can make the most of these personalized products for their publicity. It is also a good choice to distribute these custom products as a free gift to all your regular customers. Let them know that you are very thankful to them for the consistent support.

Heart banks

Pediatricians, children’s hospitals and awareness programs can be promoted using these heart shaped bank products. Schools, kindergartens and parks can giveaway these customized products to kids in order to make their bond with the kids and their parents stronger.

Personalized Heart Bank - White

Discover more variety of custom shape & selection banks from our store and make your promotions successful.

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