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3 Good Reasons to Give Your Kids Piggy Banks

Piggy banks bring back the nostalgic memories of childhood in everyone and we are sure, most of you will be having these cute piggy banks as keepsakes in your home even now. In some families, classic piggy banks even make part of their heirloom, which is handed out down the generations.Personalized Piggy Bank With Removable Nose - Pink

The adorable pig shaped money pots are something every kid will love to have any day. Here are some of the advantages of piggy banks, which make it a potent marketing gift among marketers

Build saving mentality
Most parents give kids allowances and pocket money and by handing out these logo piggy banks, parents can inculcate savings habit in their wards from a very early age. Kids will love these cute piggy bags, which often double up as toys and playtime companions. The clattering sound of the coins will bring a big smile on their faces and encourage them to save money from childhood itself.

Instill Lifelong money saving Habits
Good habits last a life time! Studies show that just 1% of parents surveyed by the American Institute of CPAs say their kids set aside any money. These adorable piggy banks will encourage kids to save money. Parents can even think of handing out different piggy banks for saving, charity or spending to give them specific savings goals. The attraction of getting more cash will get the kids more excited about saving.Personalized Classic Piggy Bank - Clear

Make the kids Responsible
Piggy banks make a simple way to make the kids responsible about spending money when they have their own money in future. These will instill responsible behavior in them and encourage the kids to be more careful about spending money.

Here are some of the popular piggy bank models from promo4kids, which your tiny tots will love outright.

Piggy banks with removable snout: If you’re trying to teach your little ones about saving, there can’t be a better option than these piggy banks with removable snout. Help them start stashing their coins on their birthday or any other special day in their life and ask them to open it the same say next year. They will be surely delighted at the savings that they have made in this duration and will feel thrilled to continue saving.

Transparent Piggy BankEncourage your kids to save money with these transparent piggy banks, which give them a clear view of the savings that they have made and inspire them more to save money for a purpose.

Piggy banks let parents to introduce their children to the concept of money management and teach them how not go into debt at their later stage of life. Marketers will find these budget friendly gifts perfect for tradeshows, schools, kids’ fests and much more. So, place your orders in bulk and save big on your brand promotion with these logo piggy banks.

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