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Custom Banks Will Let You Promote Your Brand And Instill Savings Habits In Kids

Custom banks are something every kid loves. Parents often give allowance to kids for good grades, behavior and chores and these cute custom banks will encourage kids to save these coins.Customized 4 Slot Savings Bank - Red

Custom banks thus give parents a comprehensive gift idea to integrate chores, allowance and early financial education from a very early stage of their lives. Allowances not just make the kids feel well appreciated for their efforts but will also make them responsible individuals in the society.

Custom banks are great options to promote banks, insurance companies, awareness campaigns and to celebrate special events and occurrences like America saves week among others. Imprint your logo, message or artwork on these and see how your brand will become part of the daily lives of your tiny patrons. Now that the holiday season is inching closer with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year only a few weeks away, these logo banks will make excellent gifts for kids. Custom piggy banks will make excellent party favors and birthday gifts as well.Customized Blue Car Bank

Here are some of our popular custom banks that no kid can resist.

Four slot banks : These banks with four compartments will help the kids to segregate their allowance into saving, charity and spending among others. Kids will surely love to keep all the four slots filled up and these will instill savings habit and financial discipline among the kids from a fairly early age.

Car banks : Kids always have special affinity towards toy cars. These car banks are not just toy cars but delightful coin banks that will inspire them to take care of their money and save it for future. Available in a range of beautiful colors, these logo cars come with a removable plug that makes it easy for them to take out the coins for special occasions or holiday purchases.

Star bank : With the Christmas and New Year festivities all around, there can’t be a better option for marketers to reach out to their kid patrons than these star banks. Imprint your logo and message on these and see how your logo gets the attention of everyone around. Kids will love these uniquely shaped custom banks and will love to talk about it to their friends, which in fact will set off the word of mouth publicity for your brand. Teachers and parents who are struggling hard to teach their kids the basics of finance can use these to instill saving habits in a fun and interesting way.

Let your customers know that a star rise is on the offing when it comes to their savings by handing out these logo printed star banks from These starry banks will inspire kids to save their pennies and will be appreciated by parents too. Budget friendly and popular, these star banks are well suited for marketers working on shoestring promotional budgets.

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