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Promote Your Logo Through The Classic Fun Toys Of Custom Yo Yos

Who doesn’t like to play a few tricks with a yo-yo during their leisure time? This simple toy is something kids and adults love to play anytime, anywhere. Yo Yo features just an axle connected to two disks, and a length of string looped around the axle. When someone holds the free end of the string, the Yo Yo spins up and down and winds itself back to one’s hand, by virtue of the speed of its spin.Customized Translucent Champion Yo-Yo - Assorted Colors

Yo Yos that were invented in ancient Greece date back to the 1920s and have always been a popular pastime of many generations and cultures. Yo Yos enhances reflexes and dexterity among kids and the tricks like walking the dog is a fun both to watch and perform.

These fun toys like YoYos keep the little ones busy and well engaged during holidays and travel. These fun games will keep the kids busy and active indoors and out.

Yo Yo is one of the world’s oldest toys that have only grown popular with time. Imprint your logo and message on these and hand out these Yo Yos during holiday promotions, tradeshows and kids events and see how your logo enjoys a top spin with these. Hand out these promotional gifts at children’s events, family events and fairs and get your recipients talk about your logo in no time.Customized Glow in the Dark Yo Yo - Blue

Kids will simply love to spin these fun toys that will keep them engaged all day through. Here are some of the popular custom Yo Yos at promo4kids that can be used to promote kids stores, schools, summer camps and much more.

Champion Yo Yo: These delightful fun toys will leave your tiny patrons happy and their family can’t be less impressed too. Yoyos are toys that are portable, durable and electricity-free, which can be played even on the move! We are sure that parents will admire it when you gift these colorful logo printed yoyos to their kids. Cost effective and easy to distribute, these custom yo yos are well suited as mailer gift items and holiday gift boxes among others.

Glow in the dark Yo Yo : There can’t be any American kid who is not enamored by the timeless charm of Yo Yos as it is one of the most popular fun toys even today. Pull off some tricks with these simple fun toys that everybody will love. These popular glow- in-the- dark yoyos will tug the hearts of your little patrons easily with their attractive colors and designs. These logo imprinted Yo Yos are well suited to promote dance classes, amusement parks, theme restaurants, kids stores and gym among others.

We at Promo4kids have an impressive lineup of Yo Yos in all possible models and colors. Choose the ones that match your brand colors or themes and span out to your kids patrons in no time! Hurry, holidays are here!

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